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Jeff Carson

Jeff Carson, a federal prison consultant to the Law Offices of Alan Ellis, retired from the Federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP) in January 2015, after 27 years of service. While employed by the BOP, Mr. Carson had wide ranging experience in Case Management, Sentence Computations, Inmate Classifications and most recently Inmate Placement and Designations. Mr. Carson served as Case Management Coordinator for nine years at which time he was involved in all aspects of inmate programming ranging from Inmate Discipline, Financial Responsibility, Central Inmate Monitoring, and Release Preparation Programming. Additionally, in his role as Case Management Coordinator at FCI La Tuna, he was the coordinator of the Treaty Transfer program and has extensive knowledge in this area. For the past nine years, until his recent retirement, Mr. Carson was an Operations Manager at the Designation Security Classification and Computation Center (DSCC).

The DSCC is the sole entity responsible for the computation of inmate sentences, classification and designation of all inmates in the Federal Bureau of Prisons. As an Operations Manager, Mr. Carson was responsible for these tasks for the Central District of California, District of New Mexico and the Districts in Alabama.

He has extensive knowledge in all aspects of sentence computation including jail credit issues, state concurrency cases, nunc pro tunc, and old law cases. He was also the designated Operations Manager for all juvenile cases. He has expertise in the classification of inmates utilizing Pre-Sentence Investigations, Judgment and Commitment Orders (J&C), Medical Information and any other information necessary to ascertain a security level for designation purposes.

Mr. Carson has provided training seminars for the New Mexico Criminal Defense Lawyers Association, the District of New Mexico Public Defender’s Office and the Western District of Texas Public Defender’s office.

The Law Offices of Alan Ellis specializing In Federal Sentencing, Appeals, 2255 Habeas Corpus