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Plea Negotiations

Federal Plea Negotiations Law Firm

The vast majority of federal charges—over 98%–result in convictions, most of them through guilty pleas. That is because when a conviction appears to be inevitable, most defendants attempt to minimize their losses by pleading guilty. If you have been charged with a crime in federal court and are considering a plea, choosing the right lawyer to negotiate the agreement could be the most important decision you’ll make in your case. Whether you eventually serve time in prison, and if so, how long and where, depends to a large degree on the experience and skill of your attorneys in identifying what should and should not be in your plea agreements. The Law Offices of Alan Ellis limits its practice to representing federal criminal defendants in plea negotiations, sentencing representation and consultation; prison transfers, disciplinary matters and other problems; direct criminal appeals; 2255 habeas corpus motions and other post conviction remedies; and international prisoner treaty transfer work for foreign inmates. Since 1980, the firm’s attorneys have negotiated with federal prosecutors throughout the country to attempt to secure for its clients the lowest possible sentence, and if it is one of incarceration, to be served at the best possible facility, with release at the earliest opportunity. The firm conducts its practice out of its San Francisco, and New York offices. While  we cannot guarantee or predict a favorable outcome in any particular case, we will not take a case which we believe has no merit. We will only handle a case if we think the client has a reasonable chance of success. Whether you are a defendant, attorney, inmate, family or friend, The Law Offices of Alan Ellis can provide you with the sentencing, prison or appeal help you need. Contact the firm for a free initial consultation at 1-415-895-5076 or email us at or fill out our intake form and return to us.    
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