Federal Prison Guidebook

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The Federal Prison Guidebook: 2020 – 2021 Edition

By Alan Ellis and J. Michael Henderson

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The 11th edition of Alan Ellis’ Federal Prison Guidebook removes much of the uncertainty one can encounter when they or a loved one is facing time in a federal prison.

Written by nationally recognized experts on federal sentencing, prison matters, and prison operations, the Guidebook is the one-stop resource for individuals facing incarceration and their families, answering frequently asked questions on how to “do time” and how to navigate prison bureaucracy and culture.

The latest edition of the Guidebook answers questions on:

  • Federal prison placement
  • What to take to prison
  • What to expect during intake and orientation
  • How to do time including solving problems with prison staff and other inmates
  • The Second Chance Act and early release planning Implications of the First Step Act of 2018

The latest edition contains new and updated information on a wide variety of prison issues and includes a detailed directory of all federal facilities. It also contains valuable and informative information on sentencing and post-conviction matters such as appeals and habeas corpus 2255 motions.

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