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Federal Prison Practice Tips – Fall 2012

By Alan Ellis, Todd Bussert, and J. Michael Henderson

Approximately 94 percent of all federal criminal defendants plead guilty. Seventy-five percent of individuals who proceed to trial are convicted. Accordingly, there is a 97 percent chance that a person charged with a federal crime will ultimately face a judge for purposes of sentencing. For most, “How much time an I going to do?” and “Where am I going to do it?” are key concerns immediately following a finding of guilt. We offer the following tips to help attorneys and their clients secure placement at the best possible facility in which to serve their sentences under terms and conditions that will facilitate release at the earliest possible opportunity.


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About Alan Ellis
Alan Ellis is a criminal defense lawyer with offices in San Francisco and New York, with 50 years of experience as a practicing lawyer, law professor and federal law clerk. He is a nationally recognized authority in the fields of federal plea bargaining, sentencing, prison matters, appeals, habeas corpus 2255 motions and international criminal law.

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