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The Federal Prison Guidebook: 2015-2017 Edition
By Alan Ellis, Todd A. Bussert and J. Michael HendersonAlan Ellis Federal Prison Guidebookorder button

Sentencing and Post-Conviction Remedies

This title contains programs and policies for 105 prisons. Includes educational, vocational, and apprenticeship opportunities, UNICOR, counseling and rehabilitation services, fitness and recreation facilities, religious services, telephone policy, accommodations in surrounding area, and much more.

Alan Ellis’ Federal Prison Guidebook explains how to ensure that your client gets into the best possible prison and is released at the earliest opportunity.

Although it is Bureau of Prisons policy to place an individual in the least restrictive facility within 500 miles of the inmate’s release residence, many inmates end up far from their families in harsher conditions than necessary.

It doesn’t have to be that way. You can take three steps to ensure that your clients do their time in the best possible facilities. First, learn how the BOP classifies its facilities, and the characteristics of each type of facility. Second, understand how the BOP decides what type of prison is appropriate. Finally, learn how to increase the odds of a favorable placement.

For assistance with all three steps, turn to Alan Ellis’ Federal Prison Guidebook.

The 2015-17 edition contains new and updated information on a wide variety of prison placement, sentencing, and programs.

About Co-Author Alan Ellis

Alan Ellis, past president of the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, is a nationally recognized authority in sentencing, prison matters, and post-conviction remedies with offices in San Francisco and New York.

He is a co-author with J. Michael Henderson and Todd A. Bussert of the Federal Prison Guidebook and James H. Feldman, Jr., of the Federal Sentencing Guidebook, and a contributing editor to the American Bar Association Criminal Justice magazine for which he writes a quarterly column on federal sentencing.

Mr. Ellis has been described as “one of this country’s preeminent criminal defense lawyers” by Federal Lawyer magazine. The United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit, in a published decision, identified him as a “nationally recognized expert in federal criminal sentencing.”

He is a sought-after lecturer in criminal law education programs and is widely published in the areas of federal sentencing, Bureau of Prisons matters, appeals and other post-conviction remedies, with more than 120 articles and books and 70 lectures, presentations and speaking engagements to his credit. He was a former Visiting Professor of Law by way of a Fulbright grant awarded by the U.S. State Department to conduct lectures at Shanghai Jiaotong University’s School of Law on the criminal protections afforded defendants in America in 2007.

About the Federal Prison Guidebook

This exhaustive guidebook covers the following topics:

  • Characteristics of each of the 105 federal prisons, with valuable information on educational and vocational programs, religious services, recreational opportunities, library facilities, counseling/rehab services, prison visiting and mail policies, and availability of lodging near the facility.
  • An explanation of prison designations and placements (including camps and community-based prison programs), how inmates are selected, and ways to influence the Bureau of Prison’s consideration of a defendant for eligibility for various programs.
  • How legal counsel can affect judicial recommendations and placement at a particular prison, residential drug treatment program, or community placement and home confinement.
  • Potential problems that can arise for inmates while incarcerated.


What Has Been Said About the Federal Prison Guidebook

The National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers journal, The Champion, reviewed the Federal Prison Guidebook, stating:

  • “The Guidebook is simply a must-have for any practitioner, academic and court official, as well as — and perhaps most importantly — defendants facing a federal sentence and their family members.”
  • “[It] lifts the veil on the mystery of post-conviction law, policy and practice in a concise, comprehensive, and well-organized fashion with up-to-date information.”
  • “The title of the Guidebook does not fully capture the wealth of information provided.”
  • “The Guidebook also offers tips on getting your client into the best prison…”


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