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What Matters Most at Sentencing

A View From the Bench: What Matters Most at Sentencing

Doug Passon featured Alan Ellis as a guest on his Federal Sentencing Podcast, “A View From the Bench.” IN THIS EPISODE:

-The importance of knowing your Judge;
-How to develop mental health mitigation;
-The need to develop a powerful and credible narrative;
-The need for qualified sentencing experts;
-Pros and cons of sentencing letters;
-Restitution as mitigation; -The need to properly prepare a client to allocute; -Effective use of sentencing mitigation videos;
-Showing true character with things your client has done “when no one is keeping score”;
-The importance of developing early mitigation and getting to decision makers (prosecution and probation) well in advance of sentencing;
-Effective sentencing memoranda: less is more, and no boilerplate;
-Putting pictures in pleadings;
-The truth about Prison Consultants, or so-called “fixers”;
-Vouching – can you do it?

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