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Prison designation, transfers, disciplinary matters, medical and other problems

Criminal Defense Federal Prison Sentencing Guide

U.S. Sentencing Commission statistics indicate that over 97 percent of federal criminal cases result in a guilty plea.  Over 80 percent of the defendants who go to trial are convicted.  Thus, over 98% of those convicted will be sentenced, with 82.8 percent of those sentenced to a term of imprisonment. For the vast majority of federal criminal defendants, therefore, where they do their time is as important as how much time they’ll do.

The Law Offices of Alan Ellis assists convicted defendants in obtaining designation and placement to the most favorable prison available as close to their home as possible. The firm utilizes the services of former high level Bureau of Prisons staff in attempting to achieve this result.

During their incarceration, inmates often want to be transferred to another prison facility. With the help of our federal prison consultants, the firm attempts to help defendants achieve this goal.

Also while incarcerated, inmates may find themselves in trouble with Bureau of Prisons (BOP) authorities prior to incarceration. The firm counsels these individuals on how to avoid these problems and when this is unavoidable, how to respond to charges that are brought against them.

From time to time inmates experience other problems such as medical issues which have not been adequately treated, sentence computation errors, halfway house placement, and home confinement issues.

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Whether you are a defendant, attorney, inmate, family or friend, The Law Offices of Alan Ellis can provide you with the sentencing, prison or appeal help you need. Contact the firm for a free initial consultation at 415-895-5076 or email us at or fill out our intake form and return to us.

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