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Inquiries Regarding Post Conviction Assistance

When people ask for our help in connection with post-conviction relief in an effort to obtain their release from custody at the earliest possible opportunity, our procedure is to first review, investigate, and research their case to determine whether we can be of assistance. For this we charge a fee. The amount of the fee depends upon the amount of paperwork to be reviewed and research and investigation to be done. We bill for the review, investigation, research and evaluation on an hourly basis for which we require a deposit.

This deposit is refundable. A refundable deposit means to the extent the entire deposit is not used up in reviewing your case, the unexpended balance will be refunded to you at the conclusion of the review unless we both agree that it is worthwhile going forward in which case we will quote you a fee for further representation and apply the balance toward it.

The procedure is as follows. After reviewing, researching and investigating the case, we will prepare a preliminary evaluation which we will send to the client and to whomever s/he directs. We then set up an unmonitored attorney-client telephone conference call among the client, me and any of my associates who have worked on the case to go over the evaluation with his or her and get answers to any questions we might have and answer any questions they might have. After that we will do whatever additional research and investigation is necessary, prepare a final evaluation and send it to them. We will then reschedule another call to discuss the final evaluation and decide where to go from there.

While we cannot guarantee or predict a favorable outcome for any case, we only take those we believe have a reasonable shot at success. Once the review phase is complete and we believe your case has merit, we will quote you a fee for further representation.

In the meantime, if you would please send me your mailing address, I will be pleased to send you and anyone else you request a complimentary copy of our Federal Post Conviction Guidebook which is written in lay person’s terms and is easily understandable.

If you are interested and would like us to quote you a fee to review, research and investigate your case for the purpose of determining whether there are good grounds for post-conviction relief, please call me at 415-256-9772.

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