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Gorsuch May Bring Needed Changes To Federal Sentencing

This article, published by Law360, reviews a key opinion authored by Judge Gorsuch as it pertains to federal sentencing — United States v. Sabillon-Umana, 772 F.3d 1328 (10th Cir. 2014) — and the effect it already has had on recent U.S. Supreme Court sentencing jurisprudence. The authors believe that should Judge Gorsuch be confirmed, he will have not just a progressive influence on the development and reform of sentencing law generally, but his views on federal sentencing law and procedure as articulated in Sabillon-Umana may herald some fundamental and needed changes to federal sentencing law, policy and practice, particularly in the area of acquitted, uncharged and unproven conduct at sentencing.

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About Alan Ellis
Alan Ellis is a criminal defense lawyer with offices in San Francisco and New York, with 50 years of experience as a practicing lawyer, law professor and federal law clerk. He is a nationally recognized authority in the fields of federal plea bargaining, sentencing, prison matters, appeals, habeas corpus 2255 motions and international criminal law.

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